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The person behind the text:

My name is Karen, I'm an 18 year old girl who lives in Canada. I'm originally from Brazil but I do not look it. *glares angrily at sister who does look it* I have one little sister who is both my best friend and the most annoying thing on the planet, depends on the day. I have two cats, Oreo and Gingersnap, who are both super adorable and fat.
Currently, I am a first year student in mechanical engineering and I work at Chapters which has been my life goal (in the part time job department) since ever. Chapters, for you non-Canadian people, is a chain of bookstores in Canada.
I have a lot of favourite things including the colour blue, foxes, potatoes, running, thunderstorms, and reading. Do not under any circumstances ask me what my favourite book is because that is like choosing between children. I also am really into crocheting, hair braiding and creatively decorating cupcakes.
There's way more to say but I feel like this is a good amount of info for a bio, don't you? Feel free to ask me anything if you are genuinely curious and read the posts, they're literally the contents of my brain!

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